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From:Carsten H. Pedersen Date:January 29 2002 4:43pm
Subject:RE: MySQL PASSWORD function
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> Hi all,
> I can't find a description of the algorithm used in the mySQL PASSWROD 
> function. I understand it's a hashing algorithm of some kind, but I 
> don't know which algorithm (and I suspect it's *not* MD5.)
> Can anyone tell me what algorithm PASSWORD uses? The reason I ask is 
> that we're trying to implement role-based security using our existing 
> MySQL table of users, accessed via Java Servlet auth functions, which 
> can read the User table through JDBC. BUT.... they don't know anything 
> about PASSWORD-encrypted passwords, so I need to write something that 
> hashes the password entered in the same way MySQL hashes a password (or 
> abandon the use of servlet auth :-)
> Any clues?

How about using the PASSWORD function directly?

SELECT PASSWORD('thepassword'), Password 
FROM user
WHERE User='username';

-- if they match, the unencrypted password matches.

SELECT PASSWORD('thepassword')=Password 
FROM user
WHERE User='username';

will return 1 on a match, 0 on non-match (watch out for
nonexisting usernames).

/ Carsten
Carsten H. Pedersen
keeper and maintainer of the MySQL FAQ

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