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From:Ed Carp Date:January 29 2002 8:08am
Subject:RE: MySQL Clients Hang
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> What seems to be happening is that the "open" of the db hangs.  So, when
> you attempt to connect with a client, mysql tries to look at the grant
> tables and hangs waiting for access.  This is just a guess though.

When you connect with a client, mysql_real_connect opens a socket to the
server, does the handshaking, then authenticates and  passes the query info.
When I connect, I don't get anything, and gdb says the client is hung in one
of the net_read routines, which makes sense - the client is waiting for
something from the server.

Is this a MySQL issue or not?  I'm not sure - I just downloaded
MySQL-3.23.47-1.i386.rpm and installed it (this is supposedly the static
version of the server, no?) and it gave me exactly the same result, which if
it was a Linux issue, it shouldn't react the same, since it was linked
statically, so I'm leaning towards it being a MySQL issue of MySQL not
handling an error condition properly.

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