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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 27 2002 6:27am
Subject:Re: repairing corrupt tables
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In the last episode (Jan 26), Harriet Wheeler said:
> I recently moved from Mac OS X Server 1.x (rhapsody) with MySQL 3.23.27 to
> Mac OS X 10.1 (darwin) with MySQL 3.23.47.  Due to an oversight the only db
> backups after the move were in non-gzip'd tarballs that were ftp'd in ASCII
> mode -- ugh.  Lots of missing and corrupt files.

Hmm.  MacOS to MacOS ftps in ASCII mode should not corrupt data,
assuming both ends use the Mac CR end-of-line character.

Anyhow, if you are extremely lucky, you can sometimes prefectly recover
files that were transferred in ASCII mode, but only if they went in the
expanding direction (CR -> CR/LF or LF -> CR/LF).  Simply do a binary
replace of CR/LF back to the original EOL character.  In fact, you can
even use the 'replace' command included in mysql to do it :)

Going in the other direction irrevocably loses information, so even if
you do manage to 'repair' the tables, be assured that any integer
fields will have corruption issues.

	Dan Nelson
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