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From:Harriet Wheeler Date:January 27 2002 4:33am
Subject:repairing corrupt tables
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I recently moved from Mac OS X Server 1.x (rhapsody) with MySQL 3.23.27 to
Mac OS X 10.1 (darwin) with MySQL 3.23.47.  Due to an oversight the only db
backups after the move were in non-gzip'd tarballs that were ftp'd in ASCII
mode -- ugh.  Lots of missing and corrupt files.

All tables are ISAM.  Using the standard procedures (isamchk -r/-o;
regenerating index files; regenerating description files), I've managed to
rescue all but two of the tables.

For one I have only the ISD/frm files, so I regenerated the index file by
moving the data file, cranking up mysql, issuing `delete from [table]',
replacing the data file, and trying isamchk again.  No dice:  isamchk -r/-o
both end up with a "wrong bytesec" error and an empty data file.

For the other table I have only the ISD/ISM files, which is no biggie since
I have the original `create table' schema.  But the best I've been able to
do with this table is recover about 1750 (out of around 3500) records, only
about 750 of which represent good data.


I'd be happy to e-mail these files to anyone who wants to take a whack.


repairing corrupt tablesHarriet Wheeler27 Jan
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