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From:Martin Edelius Date:August 9 1999 1:30pm
Subject:SV: binary mysql attempt??
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>anything i should know before attempting this?

The general idea is that fiels below 100k is ok in a Db, over 100k, only
store filenames.

>what field type etc would be best

A blob I guess.

>how can i call it to view on a web page in ansi c?
>would soething like:
>printf("<img src=\"%s\">",row[5]);
>be ok??

e4lkiuy234o98 qeiru hrliguy ileg ie8l7 p9345 093 45o8 5 ... and so on
since it inserts the content of the blob (ie the actual data that make
up the jpg) into the HTML. <img src> needs a path to an image. I have no
idea on how to generate an image in C but I'm sure there is such a

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