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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 26 2002 5:43pm
Subject:Re: SQL not working, but no error messages...
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At 12:36 -0500 1/26/02, Lisa M. Venezia wrote:
>Hi, I am new to this list and was wondering if someone can help me.
>I am running very simple SQL through PHP and mySQL to connect to a 
>database, add data to it, and display this data.  This will 
>eventually be used for a guestbook for my organization, the New York 
>Skyliners Sr. Drum and Bugle Corps.
>Two things are going wrong...  1) I am unable to add any data to the 
>database.  2) I am unable to display what's already in there.  I 
>know the PHP is executing because the rest of the code works.  My 
>permissions on the file are correct.  I am getting NO errors!  It 
>just doesn't work at all.
>I have talked to my ISP (, and they insist that since it is 
>a "third party" script, they cannot help me.  However, I feel that 
>it could only be a problem with their server because I have verified 
>that the code is correct.

That's an odd statement to make, given that you know the script doesn't work.

Try executing your queries from some other client program (such as mysql).
Then you can see whether or not they really work as you expect.

Also, when you say you're getting NO errors!, how do you know?  Are you
checking the result of *every* MySQL-related function call to make sure
that they succeed.  If you're not, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

>If anyone can help me, I am looking for the following information:
>If anyone has seen a similar problem before...
>If anyone can say if they think it's a configuration problem on the server...
>If I can confirm that the problem is on their end, I will take any 
>replies to this and send it to the support and insist that 
>they help me.
>Even better, if you really think it's a problem on my end, I will 
>work with someone individually and give copies of my code.
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