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From:Martin Edelius Date:August 9 1999 1:26pm
Subject:SV: MySQL on big memory linux box - comments?
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>This made me chuckle....I didn't realize when I was sitting on my Indy
I was
>on a real OS and when I went home to 'my business' and fired up X to my

Well, if you look closer you might spot the apostrophes I put around
real... Linux and FreeBSD does a great job but they're not perfect all
the time. Especially when it comes to monster machines like this. TCP/IP
is seldom the bottleneck in a DB server so that particular Linux flaw
might not be as troublesome but the fact that it just recently started
handling SMP and needs kernel modifications, perhaps only a simple
recompile though, to handle those amounts of memory could be things to
worry about.

There's no 'real' (see, I did it again) support for Linux either. If you
buy an UltraSparc (or whatever they're called) with the OS to go along
you know who to talk to if things start acting up. Sure, you can buy the
RedHat distro or the Suse distro but I don't think that they have the
same type of resources that for instance SUN has.

Now, I have a hard time following what you wrote but from what I can
gather you mention UnixWare as a 'real' OS, yes? I have no experience
from it, this is the first time I've heard of it so I can't comment on

The thing is though that although it has some nice specs (32 CPU's ain't
half-bad 8) it still might not be best suited for a huge Db server. It's
uninteresting that an OS supports the hardware if A) the supported
hardware has flaws that makes it less useful for what it's supposed to
do or B) the support is abysmal. Linux now supports 3D for the Riva TNT
gfx card. Great! The drivers are still alpha though and sucks compared
to the ones for "M$loth Windoze". So I can't use Linux when I need 3D

If we're talking i386 architecture have a look at the AMD Athlon as
well. It has a very different design compared to Intels current core
(PII/PII/Xeon/and so on) and will scale much better with FSB speeds of
up to 400 Mhz when there's peripheral that can handle those speeds. The
FSB right now is 200 Mhz and the entire bus is based on Digitals EV6
interface protocol. All in all it outperforms a PIII without problems
and when the high-end versions becomes available (.18 micron, 8mb L2
cache, 700+ Mhz) they'll likely to romp the Xeons as well, and most
likely keep up with Merced too.

Just because you buy a box that might sound impressive doesn't mean
you'll get the best performance out of it.

Best regards,
Martin Edelius

Spirex Digital Design

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>server I wasn't on a real OS.  I'd note that when I fired up the
Windoze box
>I am quickly reminded I'm no longer on a real OS.....but most of us
>kicked that big dog enough....
>Here is a question I've kept mainly to myself, inquiring from a few of
>types of posts off list, and that is why not UnixWare 7.1?  I'm a new
to the
>world of UnixWare, not to mention the quirks of SCO and SysVR5 but my
>experience so far has been impressive; it's got a nice range of
>features, is able to run on mind boggling systems up to 32 CPUs (if I
>correctly), and I just dig the fact that I can run it next to my
>terminal server, dishing out any application off the terminal server
>UnixWare's RDP support in webtop, with no licensing issues for M$loth
>I'm aware of...oh, not to mention there's no added programming required
>dish out them Windoze applications to clients and users who require
>Personally, I would consider a i386 server with quad XEONs, Gigabytes
>RAM, and something like a DPT SmartcacheV HBA full of ECC cache and the
>has support for this box, it's a real OS and a real what
>degree we could argue, that I won't dispute.
>Sincerely inquisitive,
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>Subject: Re: MySQL on big memory linux box - comments?
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>> Subject: SV: MySQL on big memory linux box - comments?
>> > Hi.
>> >
>> > >From what I have gathered from previous discussions on this topic
>> > shouldn't run an Intel/Linux box when we're talking this type of
box. Go
>> > buy yourself a Sun or SGI with a 'real' OS on it.
>> >
>> > I haven't ever experienced this myself, only read a lot about it,
>> > and on Slashdot. I'm sure that a lot fo people will disagree with
>> > here but hopefully some of them will agree as well. 8)
>> >
>> >
>> > Best regards,
>> > Martin Edelius
>> >
>> > Spirex Digital Design
>> Perhaps, but by the time you've bought the fancy box, and fancy OS,
>> not talking about 'this type of box' anymore. :)
>> -Jay J
>> (no, I'm not advocating a quad-celeron.. jeez)
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