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From:Martin Edelius Date:August 9 1999 11:04am
Subject:SV: MySQL on big memory linux box - comments?
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From what I have gathered from previous discussions on this topic you
shouldn't run an Intel/Linux box when we're talking this type of box. Go
buy yourself a Sun or SGI with a 'real' OS on it.

I haven't ever experienced this myself, only read a lot about it, here
and on Slashdot. I'm sure that a lot fo people will disagree with me
here but hopefully some of them will agree as well. 8)

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>Hi folks,
>[Background: Currently we run apache/mod_perl and mysql on
> the same physical box. Things are getting too busy, so
> we're going to split apache and MySQL onto separate boxes]
>We are going to buy a big linux box to run MySQL. I'm really
>keen to hear about anybody else's experiences with `big'
>linux boxes and mysql. We have about 1GB of data.
>The box will probably be something like:
>o Four 512KB Xeons (Are 1MB Xeons better?)
>o 3GB RAM (OS caching is good. Is this too optimistic?)
>o seven 9GB 10Krpm drives: (For fast writes)
>  - 2x9GB Raid -> 9GB root `disk'
>  - 4x9GB Raid1+0 -> 18GB databases `disk'
>  - One hot spare
>o Fancy RAID controller with as much batter-backed
>  write-back cache as it will take. (For faster writes)
>The key word here is `overkill'. :-)
>What gotchas have people encountered putting MySQL on a Linux box
>this big? Will OS caching and lots of memory make big queries
>be memory-bound rather than disk-bound? Will I need to
>create a ramdisk to speed up queries that create temporary
>tables? MySQL is a pretty small application, so will the small
>per-process address space that results from using 3GB of memory
>on Linux be a problem? Are 1MB-cache Xeons better for MySQL?
>(More precisely, would I do better trading off some memory for
>processors with a bigger cache?) In a nutshell, am I right in
>thinking that the above will provide a lightning-fast MySQL
>box? :-)
>Thanks in advance,
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