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From:Fred Butzen Date:March 25 1999 8:12pm
Subject:ESQL-C and UNIONs
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Hello.  I am new to MySQL; and I have two questions about it.  I've
combed through the MySQL manual and have not seen these issues
discussed, so I hope you'll pardon my asking questions that may be "old
hat" for MySQL veterans.

My questions are:

1. Is there an embedded-SQL preprocessor that translates ANSI ESQL-C
into the MySQL call-level interface?  Such preprocessors are a standard
feature of Informix and Sybase under Linux, and of other RDBMSs as well.
I have a great deal of code that is written in ESQL-C, and if a
preprocessor exists, it would save me a great deal of time in porting my
code to MySQL. (If someone were developing such a tool, I would gladly
beta-test it.)

2. Does MySQL support UNIONs of SELECT statements?  I suspect not; but
the manual does not mention them one way or the other.

Thanks much ...
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