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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 22 2002 6:22pm
Subject:RE: mysql benchmark
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>>>>> "jon-david" == jon-david schlough
> <jdschlough@stripped> writes:

jon-david> Christopher Thompson wrote:

jon-david> Have you installed perl?  You need it (and the Perl MySQL drivers)
jon-david> installed before you can benchmark.

>>>>>>>>>>> yep. perl is all good - got activestate perl
> fer windoze and the
jon-david> dbi and the dbd - everything went fine as i went thru the tutorial in the
jon-david> manual...i was able to: perl -v and get the version info.......


>> C:\mysql\bench>perl run-all-tests --log --comment "2x Pentium II 400mz,
>> 256M, un
>> der vmware"
>> 'perl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
>> operable program or batch file.

The above tells us that you don't have 'perl' in your path.

Please add the path where perl is to the PATH environment variable and
try again.

Before running 'run-all-tests', you should ensure that 'perl -v'
prints something in the same dos window.

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