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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 8 1999 7:03pm
Subject:SV: MySQL book great.. so far
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>>>>> "Anders" == Anders Callertun <anders@stripped> writes:

>> I was not 'directly' involved with the O'Reilly book.  We didn't even
>> know that it was 'almost ready' until Paul DuBois asked in December
>> 1998 O'Reilly if they would be interested in a MySQL book.  They
>> replied that they already 'got one on the way'.

>> The only thing I can't understand is why O'Reilly (or any of the
>> authors) didn't contact us in the first place and consult us about
>> this...

Anders> Are you Monty (or Tcx) getting any royalty on the book? I.e. by
Anders> buying the book, am I supporting the development of MySQL or only the
Anders> author's and O'Reilly's profiting on your work?


No, we don't get any royalty of the book.  On the other hand, by
making a MySQL book, O'Reilly will make MySQL more 'acceptable' for
some new MySQL users, so this is fine by us.

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