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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 8 1999 5:22pm
Subject:Re: Forking and MySQL
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>>>>> "Antony" == Antony T Curtis <antony.curtis@stripped> writes:

Antony> On Sun,  8 Aug 1999 17:45:43 +0300 (EEST), Michael Widenius wrote:
>>>>>>> "frEEk" == frEEk  <freek@stripped> writes:
frEEk> My perl script was running fine till I started forking children to do
frEEk> mailing. Now I get somewhat unpredictable mysql errors:
frEEk> DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Lost connection to MySQL server
frEEk> during query
>> You can't do connect + fork and expect it to work.
>> You must do fork+connect.
>> The right approach is of course to not use fork but instead use
>> threads (You can consult the perl development list about this(

Antony> Surely, one can make sure that the socket handle doesn't close on exec?
Antony> An IOCTL call should sort it out...

Antony> Just a thought,,,

Antony> Regards
Antony> 	Antony.

This will not help in this case.  The problem is that if one of the 'children'
closes the connection (with mysql_close()) it will be closed for all
children (because the server will in this case close it)

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