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From:Antony T Curtis Date:August 8 1999 5:36pm
Subject:Re: Forking and MySQL
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On Sun,  8 Aug 1999 17:45:43 +0300 (EEST), Michael Widenius wrote:

>>>>>> "frEEk" == frEEk  <freek@stripped> writes:
>frEEk> My perl script was running fine till I started forking children to do
>frEEk> mailing. Now I get somewhat unpredictable mysql errors:
>frEEk> DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Lost connection to MySQL server
>frEEk> during query
>You can't do connect + fork and expect it to work.
>You must do fork+connect.
>The right approach is of course to not use fork but instead use
>threads (You can consult the perl development list about this(

Surely, one can make sure that the socket handle doesn't close on exec?
An IOCTL call should sort it out...

Just a thought,,,



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