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From:Travis Farmer Date:January 17 2002 11:10pm
Subject:Re: MySQL can't find table forms.
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Interesting, some of the databases were owned by root.
I chainged ownership back to mysql and now they all work. Even the one i had 
trouble with after recovering from mysqlhotcopy.

Thanks much,

>Error 13 is permission denied.
>chown -R mysql:mysql   /var/lib/mysql ( or whatever )
>Travis Farmer wrote:
>>Remember a while back when I posted about restoring a mysqlhotcopy copied
>>database that I got an error that it can't find the .frm file? Well, the
>>error reports have been coming in that apparently most if not all my 
>>(restored or new) have the same error.
>>Here is a sample from one of the pages.
>>Can't find file: './qwerty/table1.frm' (errno: 13)
>>Anybody know of a possible reason for this? I have tried restarting mysqld
>>as well as the entire server without any better results.
>>I seem to be able to query some of the tables from the mysql client on the
>>server machine but not always.
>>Quick help would be very much appreciated, as this seems to have gone from
>>bad to worse.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>PS - I have just finished backing up all the databases using mysqldump as
>>well as mysqlhotcopy (a little redundant but I don't want to lose any 
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