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From:Charles Burnett Date:January 17 2002 11:05pm
Subject:SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Uptime'
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    Hi. I recently installed MyCC 0.0.8 on Windows XP, and when attempting
to connect to a MySQL 3.22.30-MIPS server, MyCC crashes after automatically
issuing the following command: SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Uptime'. I've tested this
using the generic mysql client, and indeed the server reports that this is
an invalid command. I've checked the MySQL manual, and this looks like
correct syntax, but obviously my server does not like it. I've already tried
upgrading to 3.23.47 but am having little luck attempting to compile it on
my Cobalt RaQ2 (I'd probably need to update gcc and glibc, which I'm not
willing to do at this stage). Can this be fixed? Thanks!

SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Uptime'Charles Burnett17 Jan
  • RE: SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Uptime'Jorge del Conde18 Jan