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From:Gerald Clark Date:January 17 2002 3:30pm
Subject:Re: Problem with access settings on one database on mySQL
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The user under which mysql is running ( 'mysql' ? Better check. ) does 
not have read permissions on
the .frm files OR does not have execute (x) permissions on their parent 
( or any ancestor ) directory.

chown -R mysql:mysql  /var/lib/mysql
should do the trick. Replace /var/lib/mysql with the actual directory 
that contains all of the mysql databases.

Keiran Wynyard wrote:

>I have MySQL running on a RAQ4i. It has been running perfectly well for
>almost a year and has four separate databases on it.
>Last week, whilst checking over the sites that make calls on these databases
>I noticed that only one had problems.
>Through searching the FAQs and online documentation I have narrowed down the
>problem to being something to do with the access permissions on the .frm
>files of the database tables. I am using PHP MyAdmin 2.2.1 to view and edit
>the tables and data. When I click the database to view the tables they are
>all displayed, but instead of showing the Records | Type | Size information
>all the tables show the phrase 'in use'. If I try to browse any of the
>tables I receive the error message:
>SQL-query :
>SELECT * FROM `about` LIMIT 0, 30
>MySQL said:
>Can't find file: './gilmours/about.frm' (errno: 13)
>The file ./gilmours/about.frm does exist, by the way.
>I have backup copies of all the files (.frm, .MYI, .MYD) and by following
>the instructions in the online documentation have tried FLUSH TABLE, which
>runs without error, but doesn't give any change, I have tried all the repair
>options (REPAIR TABLE, myisamchk) and I have tried CHMODing the files, all
>without success, the same errors occur. I have also tried the 'very
>difficult repair' on this page :
>still leaving the same error.
>I cannot drop any tables or even the whole database itself, which would be a
>viable option as I have full backups of data and structure.
>I have changed the access restrictions to 666, 550, 777, and finally 660,
>which is what the tables in the other databases are, with no avail, I have
>restarted MySQL, numerous times, as well as rebooting the server. I have
>tried taking a working version of the same table from another database (they
>all are based on a similar structure) also with no success. The files as the
>moment stand as '-rw-rw---- mysql root about.frm' for example, is this
>H E L P!! please... pretty please, with a cherry on top...
>Just an extra note, I am a newbie MySQL user, so please do not take anything
>for granted in your reply. This is my first post to this user group, but I
>have spent two days looking round the mailing list and FAQs to find the
>answer, but not really knowing what to search for has hampered my search.
>Any help will be gratefully and openly accepted. Thanking you in advance...
>Keiran Wynyard
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