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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 8 1999 12:53pm
Subject:MySQL book great.. so far
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>>>>> "jwillis" == jwillis  <jwillis@stripped> writes:

jwillis> Reading as fast as I can, however the O'Reilly book
jwillis> is very "readible".. even manages to turn sour
jwillis> subjects like RDBMS theory into an interesting 
jwillis> topic.

jwillis> There are a few simple spelling errors, but the 
jwillis> typography and diagrams are the equal of any other
jwillis> O'Reilly book.

jwillis> Mostly covers 3.22 with a eye and mention of the
jwillis> next release 3.23

jwillis> Its size and quality equal or exceed the recent 
jwillis> Oracle database administrators book.. which I have
jwillis> had a hard time reading.. that book lacks focus.

jwillis> The MySQL book has a tight focus, and discusses 
jwillis> a little of the history of databases in general,
jwillis> stuff I'm sure the big DMS vendors would rather
jwillis> forget about.

jwillis> Highly recommend it.. its bound to be a classic.

jwillis> .. one question though, why isn't Monty directly
jwillis> involved, or even one of the authors? .. they 
jwillis> mention he reviewed it, but so far no details.

I was not 'directly' involved with the O'Reilly book.  We didn't even
know that it was 'almost ready' until Paul DuBois asked in December
1998 O'Reilly if they would be interested in a MySQL book.  They
replied that they already 'got one on the way'.

I (and Paul) got a pre-copy which we reviewed and sent in a LOT of
corrections (+10 pages) and suggestion to make it much better. The
first version was a book that was apparently written as a mSQL book
but in the middle of the project they noticed MySQL and decided to
include MySQL too (my opinion). They wrote about and
instead of DBI/DBD and other similar 'old' stuff.

O'Reilly took our effort to 'shred the manuscript to small pieces'
quite good and did a great job in correcting almost all things that we 
though was wrong (This delayed the book from April to August).
In Juni I did another 'review' on this and O'Reilly kindly draw back
the book (which they already had sent for printing) to fix the most
critical things I wanted to have corrected.

I am very greatfull that O'Reilly was kind and let me review and took
kindly to all my corrections even if it meant a lot of extra work and
missed deadlines :) and I think the final book is quite ok.
(It's tremendously better than the first draft I got...)

The only thing I can't understand is why O'Reilly (or any of the
authors) didn't contact us in the first place and consult us about

jwillis> Could be he's just overwhelmed with his current 
jwillis> activities.. thanks for the effort!


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