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From:Thomas Booms EDV Date:March 25 1999 4:50pm
Subject:Problem with order by
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I have a Database with some travels (about 1,500,000 ).
The table looks so:

organizer text,
startpoint text,
destination text,
startdate date,
enddate date,
hotelcode text,
placingcode text,
boarding text,
price double,
hotelname text,
hotelresidence text,
stars text,
time int,
journeytype text,
persons int

Now I want to compare all Providers and get the cheapest.

Here's the query:

select distinct startdate, enddate, boarding, min(price), hotelname,
hotelresidence, stars, hotelcode, time from table group by startdate,
enddate, hotelname, hotelresidence order by price

The result is not fully sorted by the price !
It looks like some groups which are sorted and not the whole list is

Am I wrong with the query or is it a bug in MySQL ?

Yours Thomas Booms

Problem with order byThomas Booms EDV25 Mar
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