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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 8 1999 11:18am
Subject:HPUX and Error 2013?
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>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron Bush <abush@stripped> writes:

Aaron> I have Mysql version 3.22.25 on a HPUX 10.20 machine, I have installed with
Aaron> the directions given in the docs for HPUX specific options
Aaron> (--with-low-memory and modifed readline Makefile to be -O2 instead of -O6).

Aaron> I have a batch job executed as mysql -u root -pPASSWORD db <./input.mysql
Aaron> This job will fail with the following error SOME of the time:
>>> ERROR 2013 At Line 2: Lost connection to MySQL server during query.

Aaron> The input.mysql file is this:

Aaron> DELETE FROM my_table;
Aaron> LOAD DATA INFILE '/var/spool/data/my_data.dat' INTO TABLE my_table FIELDS
Aaron> TERMINATED BY '\t' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"' (field1,field2,...field[n]);

Aaron> I have seen where increasing the max_allowed_packet has been suggested
Aaron> before, however the file is only 700K and each line is approx 100bytes.
Aaron> I have been able to take the file that the batch process has failed to load
Aaron> and load it by executing the same command from a shell and have no errors at
Aaron> all?  I would assume that it would always fail possibly due to a corrupted
Aaron> data file but it doesn't?
Aaron> I have ran isamchk against all the tables in the database and have no
Aaron> errors.

Aaron> Are there any know performance issues with MySQL and HPUX?


One 'prboable' problem with HPUX is that gcc 2.8.1 doesn't provide
reliable code for MySQL on HP-UX.  You should switch to gcc 2.95 and
check if this helps!  There is a new depot file of MySQL 3.22.25 for
HPUX (compiled with gcc .25) at that you can try.

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