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From:Caterina Achim Date:January 14 2002 6:28pm
Subject:Question innodb
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I have a question about setting up the innodb part of mysql server.
I run mysql version 8.21, distribution 3.23.40 for pc-linux-gnu on i686
(installed the binary distribution).
I tried to turn on innodb, so I stopped the server, copied my-medium.cnf
under /etc/my.cnf, uncomment the lines concerning innodb, created the
directory home_dir and started again the server with
/support-files/mysql.server start. The problem is that the deamon ends
(I get the messages: ./mysql.server: @HOSTNAME@: command not found
./mysql.server: my_print_defaults: command not found
Starting mysqldeamon with the db from .....
....mysqld ended)
If I start mysql.server without /etc/my.cnf I get the same messages, without
the last one, i.e. the deamon doesn't stop.
Should I take the source distribution and compile it with-innodb, or it's
enough to uncomment the lines in my.cnf and probably make some other changes
Thank you for your help.
Question innodbCaterina Achim14 Jan