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From:Paul Schilling Date:March 25 1999 4:02pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.22.19b locking on Solaris 2.6
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On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Michael Widenius wrote:

>Paul> Each of the lockups occurred at about 1:20am after at least a week of
>Paul> mysql uptime.  Nothing is croned for that time.  It also happened on a
>Did you get a back trace from gdb?
>Can you verify from the log if it's some specific query that
>kills mysqld ?
>Please check your tables with isamchk -s */*.ISM !

Well I feel stupid now...  our sys admin found the problem this morning
after it happened again last night.  Nothing wrong w/ mysql.  cfengine
saw the /tmp/mysql.sock file was over 7 days old and needed to be cleaned

I wasn't told cfengine was running on the server so it never occured to me
something was going around deleting things from /tmp/

Thanks for your ideas though.
Paul Schilling
Biomedical Computing Group
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: (608) 265-3712

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