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From:Carsten Gehling Date:January 12 2002 10:42pm
Subject:Re: Very large mysqld processes
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From: "Dan Nelson" <dnelson@stripped>
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2002 11:23 PM

> In the last episode (Jan 12), Carsten Gehling said:
> > Maybe it's just me, but I find that my mysqld proccesses consume
> > quite a lot of memory. 7584 KB each to be exact.
> 7 MB is nothing.  I'm amazed you get any performace at all out of that,
> since it can't have any cache.  Is this reported from ps, or top?  SIZE
> or RSS?

It's reported from "top"

> > Can I do anything about it? It's a bit annoying, since the machine
> > runs approx. 29 mysqld processes at any time.
> Are you sure you mean 29 separate mysqld instances, each started in a
> different datadir and listening on a different port/socket, or are you
> just confused by Linuxes pthreads implementation?

Ehm... Heh heh...

You're absolutely right. After sending this mail, I did a calculation on the
number of processes, and the memory consumed by "each" process. It didn't
match up with the total amount of memory used. It was then that I realized,
it's just threads which of course is also the reason why all of them use the
same amount. :-)

Sorry for that :-)

Then maybe you can tell me how I should tune the server? You know make it
use more memory, and thereby performing better? It's probably a FAQ, if so
just post a URL to a guide.


- Carsten

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