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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 12 2002 1:41am
Subject:Re: Inserting Object property in MySQL
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THis is more of a PHP issue, but:

When PHP evaluates variables in a double-quoted string, it sees your $this 
(the object reference) and immediately evaluates it (just returning its 
type - Object). If you want to tell PHP to dereference $this->PNPSES->ses 
properly, do

         $query = "INSERT INTO 
table1(created,updated,ses)     values(now(),now(),'".$this->PNPSES->ses."')";
         $query = "INSERT INTO 
table1(created,updated,ses)     values(now(),now(),'{$this->PNPSES->ses}')";

The later method should work, according to the docs, but I haven't tried 
it. For more info, see:



At 05:19 PM 1/11/02 , PinkeshP@stripped wrote:
>I've got the following query executing in my php code:
>$query = "INSERT INTO 
>table1(created,updated,ses)     values(now(),now(),'$this->PNPSES->ses')";
>query executes fine, but when I look at the ses column in inserted row it 
>says Object->ses instead of a value.
>Any ideas why?

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