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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 7 1999 1:48pm
Subject:change Password
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>>>>> "Lance" == Lance  <lance_lu@stripped> writes:

Lance> Hi all,
Lance>   I am a new user of mysql.  I installed mysql on Win98 but when I used
Lance> mysqladmin to change password, it show the following error message.  Anyone
Lance> can tell me what happen.  Ther version is 3.21.29a

Lance>    C:\mysql\bin>mysqladmin password abcdefg
Lance>    C:\MYSQL\BIN\MYSQLA~1.EXE: unable to change password; error: 'parse error
Lance> near '
Lance>    SQL_OPTION password='119c8e0309e5f671'' at line 1'

Lance> Lance


Sorry, but 3.21.29 doesn't support the SET PASSWORD option (used by
mysqladmin).  To change password, you have to update the mysql.user
table. Please check the MySQL manual for details!

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