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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 7 1999 1:38pm
Subject:RE: mysql keeps failing to connect on hpux 10.20
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>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Diamond <patjd@stripped>
> writes:

Patrick> [snip]
>> Hi!
>> Could the problem in your case be a TCP/IP timeout? 
Patrick> The problem occured when creating new connections so this shouldn't be an
Patrick> issue

>> Or that all available connections are in use (-O max_connections).
Patrick> I have set -O max_connections=200 and there was only 27 processes identified
Patrick> in the 
Patrick> process list

>> Another possible problems could be out of virtual memory (for mysqld)
Patrick> This seemed to be fine, plenty of free memory was available and no other
Patrick> programs e.g.
Patrick> the web server where reporting any memory problems

>> or out of file descriptors.
Patrick> This does not seem to be a problem but I did not take note of the number of
Patrick> free
Patrick> file handle when the problem occured. If it occurs again then I will sample
Patrick> this.
Patrick> Currently the server is running at 423 handles used out of 7451

>> We are currently very actively investigating how to get MySQL stable
>> on HPUX; We are even borrowed an HP-UX machine from HP to check this
>> out.
>> It's likely that this is also a compiler problem.  In this case gcc
>> 2.95 may fix this.  
Patrick> Will look at installing 2.95

>> Note that another source to grief in a multi-threaded program is
>> exceptions (for the compiler).  Try using the following configure
>> options in additions to your previous ones:
>> CXX="-felide-constructors -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti" ./configure
>> --with-debug
Patrick> Will give this a go

Patrick> Thanks for the help
Patrick> Patrick


You can at find a HP-UX 
10.20 MySQL 3.22.25 depot compiled with gcc 2.95;  According to at
2 MySQL users, gcc 2.95 fixes a lot of problems!

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