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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 10 2002 5:08pm
Subject:Re: mySQL vs Interbase
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In the last episode (Jan 10), Mike Grover said:
> select * from experian.experian where latitude >= '038631928' and
> latitude <= '038638092' and longitude >= '096671646' and longitude <=
> '096680757';
> Interbase takes 10 seconds to return 70 records, but mySQL takes 18 seconds 
> to return the same record count.
> my Index is:
> ALTER TABLE EXPERIAN.EXPERIAN ADD INDEX latlong (latitude,longitude);
> "explain" says it is using the latlong index with a key length of 20.
> Is this the best mySQL will do? Is there a better sql statement I can use?

That's about as efficient as you can get.  You can try raising your
mysqld key_buffer_size to allow more of the index to be cached, or
maybe use INTEGER types for lat and long, which will bring your key
down to 8 bytes total instead of 20 (cutting your index size by more
than 50%).

	Dan Nelson
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