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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 10 2002 2:36am
Subject:Re: DATES & Optimization
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At 20:22 -0600 1/9/02, Paul DuBois wrote:
>At 9:02 -0600 1/9/02, Robert L. Yelvington wrote:
>>Two quick qux for the gurus on the list!
>>1. If I needed to do date calculations based upon a TIME STAMP field, what's
>>the most efficient way to accomplish this with respect to data types (field
>>types...I already understand how to use the DATE functions and am aware of
>>locale time and UNIX time trappings)?  For example, someone signs up on a
>>mailing list via mysql data base, and then I want to know how many people
>>have signed up in Jan, 2001 or March, 1999 or Jan, 2002?  OR, another
>Jan, 2001:
>SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tbl_name WERE MONTH(t) = 1 AND YEAR(t) = 2001;

                         Oops.  WHERE

>Others are similar.
>>example, someone signs up and I want to calculate 4 ninety day cycles with a
>>reminder sixty days from sign up, so that if I signed up on Jan 1, 2002 then
>>on Mar 1, 2002, I'd like to send notification that their account needs
>>maintenance by April 1, 2002...kinda like a billing system.
>Use DATE_ADD().

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