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From:Christian Mack Date:August 6 1999 8:04pm
Subject:Re: can't run server
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Sergey Retivykh wrote:
> Hi!
> Not long ago I knew about MySQL. Our company is very interested on it. I downloaded
> MySQL Win32 from
> I use Windows NT 4 (SP5).
> I ran setup.exe and MySQL Win32 SHAREWARE release 3.21.29 installed.
> I ran MySQLManager from C:\MySQL\BIN and opened window "Register Server" from
> "Tools-> Register Server" menu. I filled this window (by guess-work) and pushed
> "Register". Next I ran "Tools->SQL Query" menu and got message "connect to server at
> 'localhost' failed; error: 'Can't connect to MySQL on localhost (10061)'".
> I tried to find any information about MySQL installation and running in C:\MYSQL\DOCS
> and Internet. I found nothing. I tried to use MySQL manual for Unix, but couldn't find
> solution.
> I have wide experience of working with MS SQL Server and MS Access, but
> I have never worked with MySQL. I need a few advices and some documentation about
> MySQL Win32.
> Please, help me.
> Serge Retivykh

Hi Serge

Did you read the README file?

You obviously didn't start mysqld!

MySQLManager is not that good.
For testing you should use the commandline client "mysql".


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