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From:Christian Mack Date:August 6 1999 7:40pm
Subject:Re: mysql is case sensitive?
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Andrey Muratov wrote:
> Hi. If a field declared like TEXT, VARCHAR, or other (RTFM) then MySql is
> case sensitive. If a field declared as BLOB, VARCHAR BINARY or other (RTFM)
> then it is insensitive....
> >I use mysql3.22.25 on linux,
> >I found mysql is not case sensitive,
> >for example,I use : "select 'abc'='ABC'"
> >It return 1.
> >How can I set mysql to case sensitive?

Hi Andey

Sorry, but is the other way round :)
*BLOB and Binary fields are case sensitive the others not.

Additionally in 3.23.2 you can use the BINARY cast on a per query basis.

This was discussed some days before, so please search the archives.


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