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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 4 2002 5:56am
Subject:Re: Command Line Editing Mode
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In the last episode (Jan 04), Quentin Bennett said:
> Using the mysql CLI, I have discovered that 
> ESC-Return Return
> will put the CLI editor in to 'vi' mode, and allow me to use my
> 'normal' ksh editing keys, available in ksh after "set -o vi".
> Because I am more familiar with the vi editing keys, and they are
> more powerful than the standard MySQL CLI keys (including the ability
> to search through the history), I would prefer to use these all the
> time without having to remember the Esc Return Return sequence. Is
> there a way of doing this, or is this an un-documented feature?

Mysql uses readline for input, so there's probably something you can
put in ~/.inputrc to turn vi-mode on.  Check the readline docs (info

emacs-mode has a full set of history-search commands, also.

	Dan Nelson
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