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From:Richard Reina Date:January 2 2002 10:26pm
Subject:Re: unique problem?
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Bassem@stripped wrote:

>UPDATE shpr_rcvr SET directions = 'No. ' where directions = '#';
>That should do it :)
Thanks for the responce however it does not work.  Nothing gets change 
probably becasue no directions columns are  ='#' there are just a lot of 
them with '#' in the field among many characters.  If it did change 
something I fear it would change all of the text in the columns to 'No.' 
which would send me into a rage.  If I am missing something please let 
me know.  And if anyone else might know how I can solve this dilema, I 
would appreciate the input.

>Richard Reina writes:
> > I have a table shpr_rcvr that stores  info about locations where things 
> > are shipped to and from.  Each record has a text field called DIRECTIONS 
> > that contains directions on how to get to the location.  Often in the 
> > directions column the "#" sign is used to help describe and exit number 
> > off the highway.  For example "Take  I-55 south to exit # 269."  When I 
> > put text with "#" sign in into a latex document, latex rejects it ( 
> > won't format it ).  I cannot find a work around in latex so I was 
> > wondering if someone can recommend a query that will search each 
> > directions column in the table and replace "#" with "No.".   Can anyone 
> > help?
> > 
> > Richard
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