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From:Oliver Heinisch Date:December 30 2001 10:09pm
Subject:Getting "NO format" output from cmd-line ?
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Hi Folks,
I use a shell script, to get data from a mysql database.
I use the following call
mysql -ddatabase -uusername -ppassword < 
file_with_sql_select >file_to_get_output
I even tried mysql -e select foo from database -uusername 
-ppassword >file_to_get_output
but I always get as first line the names of the columns
and further on
data_fied_1 (several spaces (0x20)) data_field_2
Is there a way to supress headers and to get the datafields without spaces?
(in one result there has been a TAB (0x09) between the fields).
I just want data_field_1 (0x20) data_field_2 (\n).

Thanks in advance

Getting "NO format" output from cmd-line ?Oliver Heinisch30 Dec
  • RE: Getting "NO format" output from cmd-line ?Roger Baklund30 Dec