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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 6 1999 12:03am
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>>>>> "James" == James Ho <jtf@stripped> writes:

James> Hi
James> I' m trying to use a subquery
James> But somehow it doesn't work
James> I already looked in the mysql manual, but couldn't find anything about it
James> Below is an example of a query which seems to be right to me!

James> select ingevoerd_door, website, omschrijving, datum, hits 
James> from dd_links 
James> where categorie1=(select nr from dd_links_node_leaf where leaf='MP3');

James> Someone has a idea i might have done wrong or forgot

James> Thanx in advance


MySQL doesn't support sub queries (yet).

Why not use the following (which is probably faster):

select ingevoerd_door, website, omschrijving, datum, hits 
from dd_links,dd_links_node_leaf where categorie1=nr and leaf='MP3';

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