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From:Bogdan Stancescu Date:December 28 2001 11:59pm
Subject:Re: example scripts
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You get quite a few examples with the documentation which is very good (I had
nil experience with SQL before reading the MySQL docs and had no problems
learning by it -- and I'm an learn-by-example man myself).

Plus I don't think I'm wrong if I say a Google search on "MySQL tutorial" will
return a zillion results. :-)


Bobby Brooks wrote:

> forgive the newbieness of this question, but is there some example databases
> to play with on mysql?...sort of like the northwind traders example database
> for m$ access...i have only been playing with mysql for a couple of days,
> and so far impressed overall, but the easiest way for me to learn things, on
> a computer especially is to toy with something completed to see what makes
> it tick, taking the clock apart and inspecting the gears so to speak
> if anyone knows of a place to get ahold of such databases, i'd appreciate
> the tip

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