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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 5 1999 7:33pm
Subject:Re: Serious lack of problems :-)
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At 14:16, 19990805, Cooper Vertz wrote:
>Synopsis: Everything works GREAT, 3 years running!

This is a FAQ, and is mentioned in the manual.  Also, you can
check the mailing list archives for some in-depth discussions
of this problem.

The best way around this is to recompile MySQL using gcc 2.8,
or to use an HP machine (although this feature is going to be
deprecated in the very near future).  Several other workarounds
can be found in the manual, although the wording is a bit back-
wards for your situation.

If you have more problems having problems, please use the
'mysqlbug' program to submit a full report, and let us know
what you've tried.  I'm sure we'll be able to throw a wrench
in your operations given enough information.  I'm sure you
are anxious to worry more about your work than your belly.


>Release:  mysql-3.20.*, mysql-3.21.*, mysql-3.22.*
>OS:       Red Hat Linux (5.2, 6.0), Solaris (2.5, 2.6, 2.7), BSDI 2.1
>CPU:      486, Pentium, Cyrix, Pentium II, UltraSparc
>To anybody who's considering MySQL, GO FOR IT!
>My current commercial web site ( ) has had
>** 0% db-related downtime ** since I switched it to MySQL one year
>ago.  Our building has power problems, and the machines have been
>zapped 3 times in the last month without any effect on MySQL's
>Prior to that I ran an internet development for-hire company, and we
>used MySQL for everything and never experienced any unexpected loss of
>data.  Once or twice I think the database crashed and I had to restart
>I spend more time worrying about what eat for lunch than worrying
>about our MySQL server.  Of course, I only use gamma/release versions!
>-Cooper Vertz
Serious lack of problems :-)Cooper Vertz5 Aug
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