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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 5 1999 5:12pm
Subject:Raw devices
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>>>>> "a9502276" == a9502276  <Johann> writes:

a9502276> High!
a9502276> This is more food for thought than a mysql question.

a9502276> I installed a year ago or so ADABAS D 10 for evaluation purpose under
a9502276> linux.
a9502276> Adabas D supports DB-files which lie in the file system as it is the
a9502276> thing with mysql. Beside it supports raw-devices as well, which is,
a9502276> afaik, nothing else than using a whole hd-partition (like /dev/hdc2 or
a9502276> so ... ) as DB space.
a9502276> When setting up the db this devices get initialized and the like.

a9502276> The Adabas Manual says that raw devices are faster, saver, OS
a9502276> independend, . . .

a9502276> Wouldn't this ease things like OS independent tables, large file support
a9502276> ? Are raw revices really as good as propagated in the ADABAS Manual? How
a9502276> difficult would it be to implement into mysql ?


No, I don't think raw devices would be good for MySQL;  The very little
speed you gain you loose in maintain it.

Please check the MySQL mailing list for some old discussions about


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