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From:Steve Rapaport Date:December 27 2001 1:50am
Subject:Re: DOC BUG: mysqladmin
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Thanks, Dan, that sounds eminently sensible.

In that case, the doc bug becomes:
which says:

[[[You can also access each of the commands shown above with the 
mysqladmin utility, using the flush-hosts, flush-logs, reload, or 
flush-tables commands.]]]

right after the table listing FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK.

It also means that my plan to write a shell script to reset
master & slave databases after a failover will need to be
modified, since I can't use a read lock to stabilize the files.

Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Dec 27), Steve Rapaport said:
>>The command FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK has an equivalent,
>>supposedly, from mysqladmin.
> I doubt it.  If the manual says there is it should probably be fixed. 
> Table locks are only held for as long as the connection that created
> them is active, and mysqladmin closes its connection when it exits. 
> That means that the lock is valid only for the rest of the commands on
> the mysqladmin command line, and I can't really see where any of the
> other commands would benefit from having locked tables.

Steve Rapaport
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