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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 5 1999 3:20pm
Subject:Broken aton and ntoa on IRIX using gcc
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>>>>> "hugh" == hugh  <hugh@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
hugh> 	There is a known gcc/IRIX specific bug related to the use of semctl 
hugh>         and some other calls such as inet_ntoa on IRIX using the standard C
hugh>         library. They are all are functions that get passed or return structs 
hugh>         that are smaller than 16-bit long and not 8-bits long. See:
hugh>         One effect of this is that the resolveip function always returns
hugh>             opo 24% resolveip manu
hugh>             IP address of manu is 
hugh>             opo 25%
hugh>         I also *think* this is stopping correct operation from remote clients.
hugh>         They report back that MySQL will not accept connections from

>> How-To-Repeat:
hugh>         Either 1. Compile on IRIX using GCC, or
hugh>                2. Try the resolveip in the IRIX binary distribution

>> Fix:
hugh> 	This problem is not yours, but the GCC people evidently have no plans
hugh>         to fix the compiler. A suggestion given at SGI is to build a wrapper
hugh>         around the call.


Do you have any examples of a wrapper ?

(By the way, the hp address us gave me didn't work;  I found some
information at:

but no example wrapper.


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