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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 25 1999 12:22pm
Subject:Error in Accept - Try Again
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>>>>> "Jenny" == Jenny Lim <jennylim@stripped> writes:

Jenny> Submitter-Id:  Jenny Lim
Jenny> Originator:    Root
Jenny> Organization:  Other Music, Inc.
Jenny> MySQL support: email support
Jenny> Synopsis:      mySQL error
Jenny> Severity:      serious
Jenny> Priority:      high
Jenny> Category:      mysql
Jenny> Class:         support
Jenny> Release:       mysql-3.21.32a (Source distribution)

Jenny> Environment:

Jenny> System: Linux 2.0.34 #1 Fri Aug 28 19:39:04 PDT 1998
Jenny> mips un\
Jenny> known
Jenny> Architecture: mips

Jenny> Some paths:  /usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/make /usr/bin/gmake /usr/bin/gcc
Jenny> /usr/bin/c\
Jenny> c
Jenny> GCC: Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/mipsel-linux/2.7.2/specs

Jenny> Class:         support
Jenny> Release:       mysql-3.21.32a (Source distribution)

Jenny> Compilation info: CC='gcc'  CFLAGS='-O2'  CXX='gcc'  CXXFLAGS='-O2'
Jenny> LDFLAGS='-\
Jenny> static'

Jenny> Perl: This is perl, version 5.004_04 built for mips-linux

Jenny> Description:
Jenny> I got hundreds and hundreds of lines in my error log that says:
Jenny> "Error in accept: try again.", and then mySQL went down because
Jenny> the error log file ran out of space.  What could cause this error ?
Jenny> I've looked in the manual but didn't see any explanation.

Jenny> I'm running mySQL on a web server that is not yet "live", so
Jenny> there were very few hits on it.

Jenny> Please advise as to possible causes of this type of error.

Jenny> - Jenny


The above means that some resource in your Linux kernel (like file
descriptors or memory) got used up.

I recommend that you recompile your Linux kernel to have more file
descriptors and upgrade to 3.22.20a;  The reason for the upgrade is
that 3.22.20a will not repeatedly print the above error if it

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