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From:mr.T Date:December 18 2001 4:51pm
Subject:moving MS Access to mySQL
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I'm running MS Access DB roughly 30K records with several users accessing it
at the same time (that's what worries me the most) so I'm looking into
moving to some SQL server.
I have tried exporting the tables and still using the access forms as a GUI
through ODBC.
I tested MSDE, MS SQL, mySQL which was the fastest but still slower than MS
access file it's self, Especially using "Continuous Forms"
My question is : (I'm not an expert, I know just enough to setup simple data
base and use it..)

What am I doing wrong?
Are there some settings in access, ODBC or mySQL I do not know of..
Or perhaps should I forget access as GUI
What are my other options.

Thanks for any help

moving MS Access to mySQLmr.T19 Dec