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From:Dante Alzamora Date:December 18 2001 4:25pm
Subject:How to ignore duplicate records appending from MS-ACCESS.
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Hi Everyone,

I have just installed mysql 4 on a Linux server & I'm comparing it against
MS-SQL to see
it handles one of our DBs better. The DB has over 8 million records & MS-SQL
shokes with it.

I have a field defined to be UNIQUE and I need to append from another table
into it from MS-ACCESS 2000
(using myodbc).
My problem is that MS-ACCESS stops when it finds a duplicate record. I need
it to IGNORE & continue.
It does not allow me to insert the keyword IGNORE (it gives me a syntax
If I do it at the server I have no problem because I have the IGNORE option.

Is there a way to formulate the SQL from MS_ACCESS to allow me to ignore
duplicate records &
insert the others? Or is there a switch on mysqld or myodbc that will allow
me to do it?

Thanks in Advanced,


How to ignore duplicate records appending from MS-ACCESS.Dante Alzamora18 Dec