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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 5 1999 2:25am
Subject:mysqld shutdown on NT proper
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

Steve> I installed mysqld-nt as a service with serveral
Steve> parameters and I noticed that when I stop the service
Steve> It don't get "normal shutdown" in the .err log
Steve> if I don't get that am I not getting a clean shutdown
Steve> and might I lose data?

Steve> just to check I did the mysqld-nt --install started
Steve> that service and stopped it and it allso did show the
Steve> shutdown in the error log?

Steve> Will the way nt kills the program my stopping the service
Steve> flush the tables nicely or will I lose data?

Steve> I can't install the service with the --install option
Steve> because I need several switches set so I installed it
Steve> by hand, I assume since both don't show the normal
Steve> shutdown that both are okay and I won't be hurting anything?

Steve> mysql 3.22.24 in NT4.0 sp3, by the way

Steve> Thanks
Steve> Steve Ruby


I think you should get the shutdown message in the log file, but I am
not 100 % sure about this.

How did you start mysqld?  (I would like to test this).

You can of course put your startup options in the c:\my.cnf file;
This way you don't have any problems with startup

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