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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 25 1999 10:18am
Subject:Re: Isamchk on NT
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>>>>> "Barry" == Barry  <barry@stripped> writes:

Barry> Hello,
Barry> Thanks for both replies!

Barry> I think the stopping and refresh were the problems. I am just
Barry> testing/learning now, so no one else is using the DB.

Barry> I was not able to repeat the problem this morning. So it was something I
Barry> was doing.

Barry> The script will be handy.

Barry> If I may ask one more question - I saw in the NT docs for MySQL somewhere
Barry> when I first started playing with MySQL that "the only way to shut down the
Barry> server at this time was to use the Admin utilities and do a 'shutdown
Barry> server'."

Barry> Did I read this correctly? I can't find it again.

The above doesn't anymore apply to the NT version.

Barry> Is it still true for the latest version. I just purchased a license so I
Barry> will be using the lasest very soon (shareware currently). I will have MySQL
Barry> configured as a service on NT.


Barry> Weekly I do an auto-reboot of the NT server at 3AM Monday morning. The
Barry> reboot uses the NT shutdown-restart (not forcibly) facilities so I would
Barry> imagine that all services are stopped by NT. Does stopping the MySQL NT
Barry> service shutdown MySQL server nicely or should I use a script to shutdown
Barry> MySQL before the reboot.

NT will stop MySQL nicely on reboot.

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