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From:Steve Edberg Date:December 13 2001 11:27pm
Subject:Re: mysql support questions
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At 11:14 AM +1300 12/14/01, Alan Shum wrote:
>Does mysql work on WIN NT servers?  The technician from our web site
>provider told me that mysql is a linux product and will only work on linux
>servers.  Is that true?
>At the moment I'm using a personal web server on Windows 2000 and I can work
>with the mysql database with no trouble... this should be the same on the
>server of our web site provider right??

Ummm, you might want to direct this technician to the list of 
platforms available at

- plus, you can always compile it yourself on other platforms. I 
personally have it running on Solaris and Linux; I used to run it on 
an NT box until I got rid of that server. It runs excellently on all.


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