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From:Tim Wood Date:December 13 2001 12:38am
Subject:Re: 4 G table limit?
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> In the last episode (Dec 13), Tim Wood said:
> > Does anyone out there know of any 
> > - future plans by the mysql development crew to increase table size
> > limits by eg using their own custom filesystem type?
> You mean the MyISAM RAID table extension, or the Innodb tablespace
> format?  Done.  Check the manual for details.
> > - any kernel fs patches I might apply to get around the 4G limit imposed
> > by the linux kernel
> > - any alternative filesystems (JFS?) that might permit greater table
> > sizes under mysql
> 2.4.2 should support 64-bit files just fine.
It turns out I should have RTFM a bit more closely.  For those wondering
how to use 2.4.x & mysql to get > 4G tables, here's the deal:
the 4G limit is a default (not a FS /kernel imposed limitation as I'd
previously surmised).

To get > 4G using vanilla isam table type, you need to specify the
max_rows and/or avg_row_length parameters at table creation time.

The other options (raid , innobase) Dan mentioned look easy enough to
implement as well - but for now I'll just go with a very long running
"alter table".

Thanks Dan

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