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From:Tim Wood Date:December 12 2001 11:15pm
Subject:4 G table limit?
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3 months ago starting using mysql to archive a live news feed that our
company is paying for.  Being a lazy unit, I am putting all the document
bodies into one table.  After 3 months, that table has grown to 2G - so
its a natural enough assumption to assume that in another 3, it will
grow to 4G or so - around the current mysql table size limit ( mysql v.
3.23.36, kernel 2.4.2-2).

As mentioned above, I'm a lazy unit, so if possible would like to avoid
restructuring the DB to spread the document body table across >1 table
(thus enabling > 4 G of doc bodies), so am looking for some easier way
to do it (eg upgrading mysql, or using a different fs type etc). 

Does anyone out there know of any 
- future plans by the mysql development crew to increase table size
limits by eg using their own custom filesystem type?
- any kernel fs patches I might apply to get around the 4G limit imposed
by the linux kernel
- any alternative filesystems (JFS?) that might permit greater table
sizes under mysql
- any other tested and functioning workarounds to this issue?

Any suggestions will be appreciated
Tim Wood
Predictive Technologies
ph +61 3 8344 0395 (BH) +61 413 845 317
This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, 
		and not enough hunchbacks.

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