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From:Jose de Leon Date:March 24 1999 8:10pm
Subject:MyODBC and Alpha Five
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I am trying to interface a program called Alpha Five V4 under Win95 with
MySQL ODBC 2.50.22.  It supports attaching external SQL tables via ODBC.
But, from viewing myodbc.log which reports syntax error, it appears Alpha
Five wants to enclose all table names in brackets '[' and ']'.  There is a
mechanism for Alpha Five to customize the ODBC interface with various
sources, but there is no documentation.

I have already posted help question to Alpha Five support, and called them.
Their level 1 support are clueless about how their own program uses the
customization or even where the missing documentation is...I suppose they
would be more informative if I had a corporate account with them....

Has anybody figured out how to configure Alpha Five for use with MySQL?
If not, can MySQL server or the ODBC driver be modified to accept the table
names in bracketed form?


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