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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 4 1999 5:55pm
Subject:BUG or feature ?
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Peter> I'm using mysql 3.22.25 on linux.
Peter> I had two table referenced by a foreign key.=20
Peter> table one had primary key unsigned mediumint        =20
Peter> table two had a foreign key but the type was unsigned smallint
Peter> values of the key stayed in  unsigned smallint range but then  running =
Peter> queries with KEY1=3DKEY2 in there clause the key was not used.  The =
Peter> question is is this is a planned feature or unplanned bug ?
Peter> Best Regards
Peter>                        Peter Zaitsev


Please look in the 'Known problems' section in the MySQL manual for
information about this!

(This is fixed in MySQL 3.23.2)

Note however that it will always be faster if you use the same format
for columns you compare!

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