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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 4 1999 5:51pm
Subject:privilege problem
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>>>>> "System" == System Administrator <sysadm@stripped>
> writes:

System> I just compiled mysql-3.23.1 for solaris 2.7 and everything seems to run
System> ok EXCEPT: that now when I try to show tables from the command line
System> (logged in as a user, not as root) it displays nothing.  When I reloggin
System> as root then its fine.  the regular user can select if he knows the name
System> of the table but he cannot show tables?  DOes anyone else have this
System> problem?  thank you.


Jani posted a patch for this about a week ago;  You can find this in
the mail archive.

I am just now compiling binary distribution of MySQL on our standard
platforms; As soon as these are are compiled I will make it available
for testing.

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