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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 4 1999 5:11pm
Subject:Re: MySQL v. miniSQL
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At 12:06, 19990804, Daniel Curry wrote:
>I have a book for miniSQL 2.0.  will this book be of any aid in starting the
>development of the database I wish to write?  Or should continue to wait for
>???? long for the O'Rielly book?

Daniel, MySQL is mostly SQL-92 compliant (see the manual for exceptions).
So you'll be doing well with any book that covers SQL well.  If your book
on miniSQL is good, then use it.  If it's not, then get a different book.
That'd be my advice.

If you're looking for advice on how to program applications using the C
language API provided by MySQL, I'd suggest reading through the manual
from TcX for that.  I suppose a book could help.  MySQL was patterned
after miniSQL, so your book might be of some aid.  But the two are not
identical, and you'd be better off studying the manual than some other
(older) book.  I'd suggest using the book as a "tutorial" of sorts, if
you get stuck in understanding part of the manual, see if the book can
elaborate any.

In general, if you're not sure how something works, it's easiest to
write a quick little test program that will test it for you.  Then you
know for sure how it will work, and you have a working code sample you
can refer to when debugging your application.

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